Can life really suck this much?

Hi. I'm just wondering if anyone can offer any advice?

I just had my first scan at 6weeks and 5 days (we went private as our clinics scan is it until 8 weeks and 2 days) and were stunned and absolutely flabbergasted to see a sak a yolk and a heartbeat.

But an hour later and I have started bleeding and experiencing cramping.

This is our 3rd IVF and we miscarried after our second in September.

I have called my Epu and they have asked to me to monitor things and call them in a couple hours they will then scan me tomorrow afternoon.

Can anyone help?! Surely life can't be so cruel as to give me exactly what I have dreamed of then take it away so soon!

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  • The fact that they saw a hb is reassuring, once this is seen the chances of something bad happening decreases. Was everything measuring as it should be? It can be normal to bleed in early pregnancy and also normal to have a little cramping due to stretching if it's your first pregnancy. Also if you have sex while pregnant, this can cause bleeding. Try not to panic just yet, if you're not seeing large clots and you're not filling a sanitary pad every hour, things may be fine. I think your EPU have given you the best advice, to monitor things and get a scan tomorrow. I know it's horrible to see blood when you've been through miscarriages but it may be ok. I've been there, I've had previous miscarriages and then 2 episodes of bleeding in this pregnancy. Also had a lot of cramping around the 5-6 week mark. Such a worry at the time but I'm 34 weeks now. When it happened, I was told to take bedrest, not strict bedrest but just to hang around at home and take it easy.

    I hope you have a happy outcome. x

  • Thank you. I'm worried due to the type of cramping I'm experiencing. It goes round towards my back passage (sorry!) which is where my miscarriage pain was. Also feeling a downward pressure in my uterus area and the fact that the bleeding isn't stopping is making me worse. The measurements were short by a day so not far off but not sure if that's a bad sign or not.

  • At this stage a day either side would be fine, so that's also positive. Cramping may be normal, could be uterus stretching or the progesterone. I felt period like pain around 5-6 weeks. Maybe they can check your bloods are doubling and your cervix is closed when you go in tomorrow? It's so hard to know at this stage but you're doing all the right things. I know it's horrible waiting in epu but they'll tell you for sure what's happening.

  • Hey

    Yes my friend who is currently 35 weeks with twins had a nasty clot bleed in the first two months, she was sure it was over our one gone but no, all fine

    Lots of prayers your way xx

  • Thank you both. I just can't get over how cruel this is. I wasn't even given an hour to think that I had hope!

    My Epu are scanning me tomorrow so its Groundhog Day in terms of sitting in a waiting room hoping for the best. I don't think I would be as worried if it wasn't for the cramping which is going underneath and into my back passage area (sorry tmi), which is how I felt during my miscarriage last time.

    Thanks again

  • Stay postive your pregnant until told otherwise xxx

  • It could be where they just irritated things if you half an internal scan, after my first 1 I felt cramps and had spotting.

    Try not to panick

  • I hope the scan goes ok and you get to see the hb again.

  • Thinking of you hope the scan goes well xx

  • Stay positive: heart beat is fantastic start x

  • Hope you get good news today x

  • Hi

    Back from the scan and fortunately there is still a heartbeat so no clear idea as yet as to why I am bleeding and cramping. They did observe a smaller sak underneath the fetal sak which may be the result of the second embryo which didn't implant but they aren't sure. So it's still a watch this space kind of scenario, which will do wonders for my nerves! Haha. So grateful to you all for your support and hopefully I won't need to bother any of you again!

    Best wishes xx

  • Such a relief for you, it's great they were able to take you on a Sunday too. Look after yourself!

  • Glad it was good news. Take care xxx

  • Great news to read. Hopefully everything will settle down for you. Xx

  • Good news, not surprised at all that it's been so traumatic so don't apologise. Big sigh of relief! Look after yourself xx

  • Great news always a relief to see that heart beating. I know the feeling anxious got my dating scan toMorrow.

    Rest up and keep hydrated x

  • That's good to hear! Try and stay calm and think positive. I find the circle and bloom meditations help with this.

  • Thank you! I used to find vodka helpful for relaxation, so guess I do need to find an alternative at the moment 😉👍!

  • Lol! I used to be on red wine before all this!

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