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What happens after a miscarraige ?

Hiya ladies I sadly miscarried our baby on 10th may, nearly 4 weeks ago. My body is so strange at the moment which is expected I know but didn't think that 4 weeks later I would be having sharp pains , nausea and shooting pains in my boobs.

What I'm trying to find out is when should I expect my period ? Do I count 4 to 6 weeks after the first day bleeding or from the day my bleeding stopped from mmiscarraige?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated. I know its a sensitive subject and hope it doesnt upset a anybody , im just looking for some answers . Hope your all well xx

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I was told to count from the day of the mc. This was many years ago and after natural conception. Every woman is different, some don't bleed for months, others almost immediately. With ivf there are also lots of extra hormones around which don't help. I think I was about 6 weeks or so, but I'm sure our lovely ladies will be able to help. I think this site has a miscarriage support group too and I can highly recommend the miscarriage association. Sending love and hugs xx


It's normally four weeks from the mc, mine was almost to the day. Had lots of nausea too and ended up off work as it was very heavy indeed.

So sorry, it's not fair is it! Xx


It took weeks for my 2nd mc to be completed and then I had a period approx 5 weeks later. It took a while for them to settle down to usual.

Have you been signposted to The Miscarriage Association? They have a website and helpline, both of which I found very helpful.


Thank you ladies and sorry that we have all been in the same situation 😢 no I haven't been signposted to the misscaraige association pm27 2bh my fertility clinic (nhs) have been absolutly shocking , they didn't want to deal with me when it happened just sent me to my EPU and I have not had no contact with them other than a letter with a follow up appt for the end July ! Nearly 9 weeks after my mc. What is the point of that ..so angry with them but that's another subject.

It is horrible to have to go through but I was not told what to expect or what is normal' to happen afterwards. That's why I resorted to here. This site has been amazing helping me get through everything.

Thank you Daisy14 and Madcatlady55 for your advice, hopefully it will show its ugly face soon. Xx


The Miscarriage Association has been my saviour this year so I would also recommend it. Be super kind to yourself and take all the time you need.

I miscarried at 9weeks in November to then have a follow up appointment in January and started second round last week.

Do message if there's anything you need to ask or need a rant, you are not alone xx

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Thank you lovely much appreciated I will definitely have a look into it 😚 xx


Mine didn't come till 6 weeks after my Mc and it was abt 9 weeks after ectopic had my ectopic 2 years ago and my cycle is completely diff now than it ever was I used to be able to say to the day when my period would come now I never know it's a nightmare xo


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