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What days of cycle can stimming start? Feeling powerless & bit confused

Hi lovely ladies, so I had to stop my IVF treatment last week, before it had properly started, because I was feeling unwell. GP thinks it was a virus. I'm now waiting for my next period to start but the nurse said she's not sure whether I'll be able to use this natural cycle to start stimming as it depends on the dates as they can only start stimming on a wed-Friday. What day(s) of a period can stimming start? Last time it was day 4 but is there any flex with this? I'm feeling completely powerless not knowing whether I will be doing IVF next month or not and still gutted that I missed out doing it this month. I'm impatient after trying for so long and the clock is against me I don't have the luxury of time to pass and I just desperately want to get started! It feels like it's never going to happen. Can anyone advise please? Xx

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Are you on short protocol? I've always been on long and never had any suggestion days of period would affect process. My stimming would usually start about a week after day 1 of period, but might be different if you aren't having a down reg. All these clinics seem to do things so differently! Can you contact your clinic for more detailed info? It is so frustrating not having clear ideas of what is happening. I always felt better having clear idea and time lines of process. Xx


Thanks Anna. I don't know if I'm on long or short protocol. This month I used down-regging drugs for 11 days then had period and was about to start stimming last week. I'm waiting for the hospital to call me back as I'm still confused about when I can start treatment again. Trying to remain calm but it's a challenge today! Xx


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