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Hi ladies I'm new here . My partner and I are in a same sex relationship and have been together 4 years . We have decided we would like to start s family and have been discussing this for quite some time now . We took the first steps last week and went to the GP to be referred to the assisted conception unit. What happens now ? Any advice would be much appreciated 😊 xx

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  • Hello and welcome, in brief they usually start with some tests, blood tests, scans etc to find out your hormone levels, egg reserve etc. Then you have a meeting with a consultant where they tell you what medication and plan you would be on X

  • All the best for your journey. Friends of mine firstly had IUI, then tried it In turns with IVF using donor sperm. They are now 7 months pregnant. Long journey, but worth it for them. They were funded firstly by the NHS, then went private with the same clinic.x

  • Hi Sachley19. Just wanted to add my good wishes along with the others. Pleased that you are going through a registered clinic, so you can be monitored correctly. Thinking of you both. Diane

  • Hello Sachley19 :) I'm also new-ish, and also in a same-sex marriage (and weirdly enough, we've also been together for 4 years!) We're going through IVF privately, so our experiences may differ to the NHS process, but feel free to ask any questions.

    Hope you hear soon about your referral.


  • Hello nice to see another same sex couple trying. Have you tried IUI or straight to IVF? I'm itching to here some news X

  • We weighed up the success rates and went straight for IVF. We also didn't want to wait and go through NHS so we are self-funding our treatment privately. We started the process in October, and are only now going for our first embryo transfer (tomorrow! Eek!). We've had a lot of delays due to scans finding cysts and also having to freeze our February embryos. The waiting is awful, but I keep reminding myself we're still moving forward :) The journey has been a roller-coaster- try to prepare for the unexpected, don't look too far ahead to what may or may not happen, and take each day as it comes. Also, do take advantage of support groups and counselling if available. Our clinic have been great, and it's really good to have someone to talk to who understands both the clinical and emotional aspects of this. Good luck to you :)


  • That's exciting good luck with that . I can't wait to get started . I am a bit worried about getting my hopes up and it not working . Or it working to start with but then I miscarry. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen xx

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