Not good! 2nd faint line on test followed by spotting!!

Uh oh! So I caved and tested early this morning. Otd is Wednesday and I'm 8dp5dt. A very faint second line came up on the test early this morning. I was so excited! Now when I go toilet there is brown spotting! Really worried that I won't make it to test day now 😣 this is the first I have had spotting and I think it is past implantation because it's seems I had a faint positive test this morning.

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  • Could it have possibly been a trigger shot positive? And I've read lots of people have brown spotting at different points during 2ww and had positive but on the flip I've read it the other way too. Just try to stay positive and resist testing again. Sending positive vibes x

  • Oooo fingers crossed for you. I didn't test in the end but only because I forgot to buy some tests going to get some tomorrow and test Tue morning xx

  • Thanks ladies for your support. I am doing my best to keep positive. It's not over until it's over plus I have been preparing myself for this and I have plans if it is negative such as holiday, job change etc. Fingers crossed x

  • Fingers crossed for you xx

  • I had a whole host of bleeding, spotting the weekend before test day! I thought we were out and that was that. Then we had more bleeding throughout the pregnancy for various reasons. Any sort of bleeding is alarming and it is stressful. Try to stay positive until you know for sure as nerve wracking as it is. We now have our little miracle at 2 weeks old! Early pregnancy units are great help with scans or your clinic may offer extra scans for peace of mind. Good luck xx

  • Thank you for your response it is really reassuring to know it can lead to a positive outcome. I do however keep losing faith and accepting that it is not meant to be. The spotting is getting stronger and it is hard not to give up hope. I have a horrible feeling the test on Wednesday may be positive which means I have to endure this limbo for even longer because I can imagine the bleeding isn't just going to suddenly stop. I just hate being in limbo. My poor oh has listened to me daily talking about it and I know he feels so guilty about it all. Tough times x

  • It is a really tough time and try to take each day as it comes. I've been where you are now so I have my fingers crossed for you!

  • Good luck, spotting can often be normal iv seen lots of people have it and be ok. It never stops you worrying tho especially after coming so far. Try to relax and put your feet up. Fingers crossed for you Xx

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