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So frustrated. Late period but not pregnant

Hey, my husband and I have been trying since we got married 20 months ago. My period was clockwork every month until we went to the doctor about not conceiving. We are now looking at IUI or IVF (find out on 31st). My periods have been messed up since our first doctor appointment in December. I am currently 4 days late but 2 pregnancy tests were negative. I am really trying to remain calm and stay stress free as I know my cycles will determine the starting date for treatment. My body must be secretly stressed tho and maybe affecting my period. Has anyone else experienced this? I was so convinced that I was naturally pregnant . I have never been this late before and just feel devastated now. I got clear blue digital tests so there was no misreading the test.

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I had hoped a miracle had happened last month as I was 6 days late and I'm usually as regular as clockwork. Sadly not, I too did a pregnancy test and it was negative. I had it happen 3 years ago and aftet 2 pregnancy tests and huge disappointment Iwent to my GP in a panic. He really didn't seem bothered and said he could do blood tests but as I was due to see the consultant he said they'd order any bloodtests. Talking to friends since it seems more common than I'd imagined to occassionally miss a period. Their GPs weren't bothered. It Al went back to normal.

Stress can muck up your cycle, even if you don't feel stressed or are trying to not stress.

After our 1st round if ICSI I had to have the pill to get things back on track after the side effects of the IVF drugs.

Good luck with your treatment.


Thank you. The body works in mysterious ways suppose. It's just so annoying and devastating! Hope your treatment is going to plan. This will be our first cycle so still getting used to everything


Hi ardnek. Just wanted to wish you well with your treatment cycle when it starts. Unfortunately our menstrual cycles can play up, just when you don't want them to, but the "magic" of IVF is that we can manipulate them to order. Thinking of you. Diane


Hey I had the same thing happen to me 😞. I needed my period to start so I could start treatment but it was late and messed with my mind and emotions so much. The body is such a complicated thing and our minds do control a lot of what is going on. I know it's so frustrating and hard but please try to relax and let everything work out as it should.

Good luck xxx


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