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What time will the embriologist call ?

Egg col was yesterday, embriologist said they will call me today to let me know how many eggs fertilised.

Just wondered, what time were your calls??

Still feel v tender and so today I plan to do lots of laying down!

9 eggs collected yesterday, wonder how many fertilised!!!!

It's strange I thought I'd feel a lot more. Excited But I kind of feel deflated a bit.


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Hey AimAim, 9 eggs is a great result, I'm really pleased for you. Are you having ICSI or IVF?

You should hear in the morning but no set time really, I think our call came about 10 am ish.

Good luck! I'll be thinking of you



Thanks, originally they told my partner they were doing icsi, but they rang me whilst he was in his way back from the Hosp to collect me to say they had given him the wrong information and that they will do IVF .

I'm knackered today xx


Think our call was about 9am but it's really down to your own clinic and what the embryologist has on that day. If you don't hear by lunchtime I'd give them a call. X


It will depend on your embryologist's hours plus how many other people they have to call and embies to check on. But generally we got calls before mid morning. I found the waiting very nerve wrecking.

Fingers crossed for a good fertilisation rate.

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Waiting for the call is the worst bit. Mind used to call between 9am-10am think they try to do it before midday as they appreciate your anxiously waiting to hear. Good luck 🍀🍀


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