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Am new to this site. I have done one failed IVF using a known donnor which is my sister. I have overian failure and is seem she has similar situation as she did not respond well with med. she is only 29 and we were only able to get 2eggs and only one fertilised but unfortunately the golden one did not stick .

I am thinking not to use her again because of the fear that we may get similar situation.

I am thinking to go abroad to South Africa. Can any one advice me on any best and affordable fertility clinic there please. The only reason for chosen South Africa is because I have another younger sister there.

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  • Hi,

    Sorry I don't have any experience of clinics in SA, I went to Czech Rep. But have a look at the "Fertility Friends" website, they have many threads of chats and info on clinics all over the world.


  • Thanks Jhza700, how was your experience in Czech Rep? I am black African, any idea if the have black donor? How are their prices. Sorry for asking lots of questions. Just trying to employ lots of options.

  • Hi,

    Ask away! we are here to share. My experience of Czech Rep was very good, my clinic was very professional, communication was impeccable at each stage of the treatment and very quick at finding a donor. It cost around Β£6,000, but that included everything, flights, hotels, etc. However, I don't think Czech Rep is a place for you to go for a black donor. I think there is only a very small minority of black persons in Czech, so they wouldn't have many or any donors of African origin.

    Good luck in your search! Pm if you have any more questions.


  • That's price is so good to be honest. Did spent over Β£7000 here in the UK. What is the name of the clinic I will email them and find out.

    What's your present stage at the mement, have you had your baby already JX?

  • Thank i will have a look


  • Hi, sorry I can't help as well, a friend of mine went to Poland cause of price and 1-week waiting time. But also recommend looking at fertilityfriends co uk, particularly ed and international boards.

  • Hi, I have read positive reviews on Cape fertility clinic ( I also recommend you look at Australian fertility forums, as South African fertility clinics are very popular among ladies, who live in Australia and NZ . Hope it helps. Good luck

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