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Scan all good

Lots of follicles all growing well , have to wait for call back from clinic re my blood test for OHSS . May have to go in for bloods sat and Sunday too with another scan booked for Monday .

Back to wrk now .

oh and the nurse told me off about breaking my inj yesterday , she said there v expensive and I shouldn't have thrown it away I should have called her and that she may have been able to sort it out!!!! ( yeah right, it was mangled in a little ball )

Anyway all looks on track for Wednesday egg collection😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Anyway, feeling more positive today , sorry for moaning yesterday .

Have a good day all of you xxxxx

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Fab news. Enjoy the rest of your day X


😀😀 glad you're feeling better!


Looking good. Fingers crossed for quality eggs in those follicles.


Good that you're having a better day!! Sounds like everything is going well now, pleased for you!!x


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