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Nightmare with cetrotide inj today

What a shit day I'm having , I started cetrotide inj yesterday but that was done at hosp. I was told to take it between 11-12 everyday ( plus my merinol at night) anyway - today I took inj to wrk and work was so manic. Anyway, I locked myself in a room and tried to do inj. Well , I don't know way I did but I couldn't get the protective lid off the needle that I inject with and I ended up bending the needle . But I'd already Peirced the powder bottle thing . I was just standing there staring at this bent needle !! It was now 11.45, so I had to rush home which took half hr and put a you tube video on and finally did inj. That was about 12.40 ! Do you think this matters that it was late? 

Anyway I went back to wrk more stress as so much wrk to do and I keep having so much worked piled me . 

Anyway I had my Accupuncture app at 4 pm so I left wrk and drove to the app drove like a mad woman as was late  ( couldn't get parked) got here and still waiting as the lady acupuncturist has not turned up!!!!! 

Can my day get any worse!!! 

Oh acupuncturist just walked in ! Wonderful . 

I could really do with a drink ( vodka - straight) but obviously can't ! And they say it's best to try to be as calm and relaxed as possible ! Hmm yeah right x

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Don't panic they always told me I had an hour or so either way. If you have to take it to work maybe take a couple of needles next time. Everything just seems to be a little more stressful going through all this and I think a lot of it is to do with we know we should stay calm!! 

Hope she turned up pretty soon! X


We were told to try to do the injections at the set time but not to stress if it was a bit late. I doubt it will make any difference.  I did mine in the evenings and got hubby to prepare it all so I didn't have to stress about that. Seems a bit strange that your clinic said to do them during the day whilst you're at work.

Have you made work aware that you are having treatment and need to inject at a set time during the treatment?

I hope the acupuncture session helped and you're now feeling less stressed. 


I'm glad to hear I am not the only one who has done that! To add to it, immidiately before bending the injection needle I had already managed to stab myself in the hand with the cetritide powder needle... you know, the massive one they tell you not to worry about because it is not going anywhere near your body! Aaarrrghh!!

My clinic said the same: one hour plus/minus is fine. My best advise would be to start in good time. I had left it to the last minute to start preparing and was probably stressing. I did ask the clinic to show me again and it has been fine since... but those needle caps can be sticky!! ;)

Best of luck,

M x


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