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Only clomid for first five cycle days😓

Hi ladys!

Hope you all doing well and on track in your respective journey of bringing a miracle into this world☺️

My story so far...first try at ivf failed since we had just two follies which refused to grow bigger than 11 in size! Now wid almost 2 months apart from last try we went in for our consultation! Doctor this time following a much conservative approach said i should take clomid 50 mg , thrice daily for 5 days and come in for scan and bloodwork! Doctor will then decide to go ahead for stimms depending on how many follicles had developed on clomid alone! It felt kind of weird but doctorz view is sometimes taking a step back can help too so I am hopeful but still worried if stimms had this little effect could clomid really work out for us!

Anybody with a similar or even heard of anything like it plz share it would give me lot of strength👍

Lots of love and luck to all of you out there😘😘😘

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Hi Hopeful2016. Well, it seems as if your consultant is trying to stimulate your ovaries to check the possibilities of a decent follicle count before deciding what protocol to work to.  Try not to worry too much as it may be just down to altering stims.  Hope all works out well for you.  Diane

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