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Hi ladies I am panicking now and would love some advice. I am 4weeks 4days pregnant and have been wiping brown blood for the past 5 days. Today I have had period type aches on and off and i just checked again and now when I wipe it's mainly watery brown blood but now I can see a few red/pink spots. 

Please can I have your opinions , trying not to stress out but I really can't lose this baby !! 😢 

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  • When I called after my test date they told me to call them if the brown blood changed or got heavier and go to A&E.

    I hope it's nothing serious and the baby is fine

  • The brown blood has got heavier today but not enough for a sanitary towel. I'm so confused what to do. My clinic is useless at giving me information. When I spoke to them they just said brown bleeding is totally fine and I could have period aches but not to worry. That's all they said. Now they are closed for the weekend and so is my Gp.  Are u still bleeding InTheMiddleOfIt x

  • Yes I am still, the nurse said she ll ask a doctor and come back to me, that was a week ago!! I m 3weeks today and the scan is booked for the 25

    If you feel uncomfortable go to A&E better than worrying for 2 days for what it may or may not be serious.

  • My scan is also on the 25th. My husband said to leave it for tonight as it was only a few red spots but if it gets worst then I will be going to A&E tomorrow. Just had a shower to try and unwind and see how it goes. I am feeling light headed but that could just be due to my hormones? Xx

  • I ll recommend bed rest and feet raised on a cushion and just don't do much at all.

  • Thank you for replying InTheMiddleOfIt  I never thought it would be this hard when we finally got our BFP.  Praying for everything to be fine for us. X

  • Well we don't get much of a say in any of the process keep positive and hope, pray or whatever gives you strength to fight till that baby is in the world safe and sound.

  • I've had red/brown/pink spotting and pain several times been and been to A&E twice everything is still fine for me and I'm about 11 weeks now got a scan next week. I know saying try not to worry won't help but I've seen plenty of ladies on here still having positive outcomes. As I have posted very simular posts myself. Xx

  • Thanks you for your replies. I woke up this morning and it is still only just brown but it had a bit of stringy mucus/clot when I wiped. Nothing major but I haven't had this before. The red blood was only a tiny amount not even half a teaspoon last night and is not there this morning. Sorry for the tmi but after 9yrs ttc this is the 1st time to ever get a bfp so I'm slowing driving myself crazy. Lol  xx 

  • If I were you, I'd get this checked out today. They will be able to do a blood test to see if your hCG is doubling but it's too early for a scan. At least the blood test can tell you either way. x

  • I have spoken to the on call consultant and they said it's fine not to worry just to wear a sanitary towel to see how much I am loosing. The brown blood seems to stopping aswell now. I also phoned NHS direct and they also said because I'm in no pain and it's brown blood not to be concerned unless I have a heavy red bleed and painful cramps.

    This is so hard work trying to be positive. I am thinking that maybe only 1 embryo implanted and this is the other one coming away ? Pregnancy test changed from 1-2 to 2-3 weeks so my hcg levels must be increasing. I am definitely going to try get a blood test on Monday tho. X

  • That's a really good sign that the test result is increasing. Such a worrying time waiting in between appointments, hope all will be well for you. Just take it easy for the weekend and look after yourself.

  • Well the brown blood has turned red today. I have spoke to the on call consultant at my clinic and she seemed ok said it could be many things but because I'm not in severe pain not to worry to much but I am to go in for a scan Tomorrow to check what's going on. She said at 5 weeks they won't see much but should see the sac and yolk and maybe be able to see why I am bleeding. 

    This is mentally draining and I feel like my anxiety is going to go through the roof . Why can't it be plain sailing. My worst nightmare was to fall pregnant and lose it that's the one thing I have always said I would rather not conceive at all than to conceive and lose our baby. I am exhausted and the thought of getting through today/night wondering what is happening is cruel. 😢

  • You might still be ok. As you said, you had 2 embryos transferred so it could be that or it could be the pessaries. No cramping  is a positive sign. Try to get a good night's sleep and fingers crossed the scan goes well. x

  • Hi daydreamer89. Only just read your post as I am only here Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I'm wondering whether the brown/red blood you are leaking might just be down to any pessaries you might be using??  If you are - or the gel - the progesterone is often a cause of irritation, and although it is distressing for you, usually amounts to nothing.  Just be brave and hang on in for your scan, which although it seems so, is not too far away.  hopefully this will then settle you down, once you can see for yourself that all is well. Keeping everything crossed for you, and let's hope all soon is OK again. Diane

  • Thank you DianeArnold I have spent all day at my local EPU and have had a scan and my hcg levels tested. The scan was really early and they could only see a tiny little thing  so I have to go back next week for another one and my hcg came back at 803 not sure if that's OK but I have to go back wed for another one to see if it's doubling. Thank you for getting back me I understand you got alot of replying to do so really great full for your reply and advice. As for the pessaries I use the back door with them never the front so would they still irritate my cervix ? Xx

  • Hi daydreamer89.  From what you have said, I think that your day with the EPU went OK.  You really need a scan between 6 and 7 weeks to see heartbeats etc.  Should be the size of a baked bean!  The Beta hCG level was fine when taken, so fingers crossed it has doubled.  It's the progesterone as well as the "method of entry" that can irritate you, but do remember it is soooo common to have some early brown/red spotting discharge in early pregnancy, often with no reason found for it.  Thinking of you.  Diane

  • Thank you DianeArnold unfortunately I passed a clot yesturday that looked like it had my sac in it so I'm pretty sure my time is up. Sure it will be confirmed today as I am bleeding rather heavy now with bright red blood. Thanks for all your help 😍 x

  • Sending you gentle hugs.  Diane

  • Hope you're doing ok still and things are calming down. X

  • Thank you LHow81  but unfortunately I'm pretty sure I have miscaried today. I passed a clot with a little white dot in it which looked like a sac and my embryo? I have got a scan booked again but with my fertility clinic tomorrow and my 2nd hcg test is booked for 2pm so it should be confirmed tomorrow whether I have lost our baby. Xx

  • I'll be hoping and wishing for you x

  • Fingers crossed and everything else xx

  • Lots of love for today x

  • Thank you WeeMrsH hope your as well as you can you be 😙 x

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