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Confused about types of FET

Hi everyone. I understand the difference between natural and medicated types of FET but from what I've read there seems to be medicated with and without downregging too. Can anyone explain why you do/don't need to downreg in some cases? Also if one or the other is considered better for adenomyosis/endometriosis sufferers?

I would like to have as few drugs as possible as it seems to take such a toll on me and I may be wrong but with my temperamental thyroid it feels a bit dodgy switching off my pituitary again- although at the end of the day whatever is likely to be most successful is what I'll go for. 

I wish I trusted the hospital to choose what's right for me but sadly I think they go for a one size fits all and don't refer to all my notes. 

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Our upcoming fet is with no down reg but I will be on oestrogen medication from start of period to help thicken lining and the usual progesterone pessaries after transfer. We did discuss down reg but I struggle with the side effects and wanted to go without. The only problem with not having down reg as far as my consultant told me is they aren't as in control. I will have a 10% risk of ovulating on the drugs they have me on, and if I do, they have to follow the cycle exactly. This means if you end up needing transfer on a Sunday,  they cancel the cycle. Otherwise he said as long as period usually regular, I don't need down reg. I don't know in relation to endometriosis though. Even if you don't have complete faith in your hospital, they have a duty to talk through positives and negatives of each option. Just keep asking them to justify their advice and discuss the alternatives. Good luck x


Thanks, that's good to know, sounds like you have good docs. So if ovulation did happen they have a window to transfer or your body takes over kind of thing? Do you know how they check if you've ovulated- do they know from scans or do you need to test at home? I would hope the abandoned cycle fee would not apply if the Sunday scenario were to happen, but I guess it might. Sounds like a v small risk though and I'll definitely be asking about it tomorrow. Thanks again and good luck xx


At my clinic there is no home testing. They just scan you regularly. He said it hardly ever happens as only 10% chance of you ovulating and then it has to land on a Sunday for it to be a problem. If you don't ovulate,  they have a wider window to put the embryo back. I'm taking the small risk of ovulating against feeling awful on the down reg drugs! For me it was definitely the better option! X


Makes sense, sounds like it would suit me too. Thanks again xx


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