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HI! I had my prostap injection on Wednesday and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how long after their injection they had a bleed? My next appointment is on the 10/5 and I am supposed to have a bleed in between. When I go back they will check the lining of my woumb and if nice and thin I can start stimming. I'm just worried cause so far there is not even a hint of my period starting. Usually I would have started spotting by now. I have a bad issue of spotting for a week before my period!

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  • I had a bleed about a month after I had my first injection but then I've had two more and it's just been like my body was trying but didn't quite get there. I thought it was going to stop them completely but not quite the case 

  • Thank you for the reply Dreams. I think what you had is different though. For the IVF long protocol it is only 1 injection on day 21 of your cycle which SHOULD bring on a bleed within 2 weeks at which point you move on to your daily injections for stimming. What's worrying me is that I'm not sure anything is progressing. If I don't have a bleed it delays things... Or maybe it hasn't worked!

  • Hi Seffelou.  As you say, you should get your bleed, but try not to worry if it doesn't come to plan.  Prostap is renown for delaying things, so hang on in there!  Good luck with the cycle when you do get cracking.  Diane

  • Thank you Diane! Still no sign of af. Positive thinking...

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