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Will they weigh me as bmi slowly over

I lost 2 stone and got bmi to my target in order to start IVF . Which I did start long protocol but then it got cancelled after down Reg.

I had to have hysteroscopy ect so I obviously was v disappointed ect they cancelled my cycle. 

I've put on about 8lb so now bmi is 31.2 , I'm just a bit worried in case when o go back Wednesday to hopefully start again ( short cycle this time ) that they weigh. 

I was never weighed when they started me on long protocol . 

Think I've been emotional eating . Am v good in the week then I seem to go off the rails at weekends . Also, I still havnt had a period since the end Feb. Which I think was due to that nasal spray shutting my hormones down. 

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I'm in the same boat! Have put on over a stone since our failed cycle at end of Feb! Going to start exercising and eating better again tomorrow! I wasn't weighed before we started last time so am hoping they won't weigh me at next appt, I've got until at least end of May before I go back though! Everything crossed for you! Xxx

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Hi Aimaim77.  Hopefully, as you have already been accepted for treatment, they will go ahead as planned.  Just try and be careful with your diet and work at keeping the weight off.  Good luck with it all.  Diane


I put on some weight between cycle 1 & 2 and my bmi went up to  a 30.4 and they almost cancelled the cycle. It will depend on the discretion of the clinic but thought I would make u aware. I've put on some weight so before ringing up to start my third cycle I need to get it back down. X


Oh god , i was told that my appointment will be with the nurse so let's pray she dosnt weigh me! 


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