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Waiting waiting waiting!

So we are on our 2 week wait following iui, wasn't done on best date so were told chances would be decreased from what they'd hope. Trying hard to keep occupied and not worry on every slight odd feeling but it's hard. Started getting slight discharge and cramping last couple days (sorry for tmi) which is normal for me week before I come on. Test date is not till 30th , have others had that after treatment? No suppositories so it's not from that. Would actually be due on 3 days before test date so it feels weird trying not to think of everything being that?

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Good Luck. I've had discharge after my iui's. I've never made it to test date as my period always started. So I wish you all the best. Keep me posted x 

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 Thank you, everything crossed still! :-)


Hi saffi182. Just wanted to wish you every success with the IUI result.  The pains etc you are experiencing might just be down to the amount of clamping and tugging that goes on during the insemination.  Your womb needs a chance to settle down again.  Diane


I came on two days before test date on my icsi cycle but everyone is different. Stay positive and keep believing xxxxxxxx


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