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secondary infertility in 52

Hello everyone

To be honest I never use internet so much as I do now. My issue for today is my age and wish to become a mother again. I have 2 daughters, they are adults now and live separately. Economy level of my life allowed me to have more children and give them everything they will need to, so as my health. I use to run marathons for the city. My husband is 63 and he was a professional football player. I think we both can give a great life for 1 more little baby.

I don’t believe in altruistic surrogacy, I know that everything must be paid. And I have money to do it. I’m looking for the country with full legalization on surrogacy and egg donation.

I would be very thankful if women here will share their experience with me xxx

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Maybe you already saw this news report last week - dailymail.co.uk/wires/pa/ar...

Not sure you'd want triplets though!!


Wow, triplets, fair play! .. To be honest I don’t think I will be able to cope with 3 babies at the same time, she is brave.

I did saw Cyprus in the list of the countries where surrogacy is legal, but they have very long waiting time due to luck of the surrogate mothers. Time is not my best friends for today.

But thank you for a so quick respond! x


Hi lisaa2173.  You could try looking at the surrogacy site as follows surrogacyuk.org Diane


As to me there are no age limits to have baby till you feel you can do it. Have you thought about adoption? I'm just asking because before me and my husband apply for surrogacy we were thinking about different options. My baby was born in Ukrainian clinic from a surrogate mother but this decision wasn't easy for me. I had to use donor's eggs due to my health condition, so genetically our baby retailed only to my husband. To be honest it doesn't matter, this baby is mine and my husband's/ I'm his mother and no one can say opposite.

If you are interested I can tell you more about the clinic I went and what i experienced there. You can always PM me

Good luck dear!


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