Difficult day will start the journey again


We want for our scan and would have been 7 weeks and 5 days. I felt nervous and excited, we went into the scan room and I got upset just worrying and wanting to see a heartbeat and sac. Unfortunalty we did not see either, it wasn't our time and it's that feeling of Lost and Sad and just feeling tired of it all. Our next go will be our 5th time and luckily I have an amazing husband, mum, sister and other family members and friends so we will keep going until we get there and one day it will be our day to see our sac and heartbeat and to have our own family and it keeps me going thinking about that. Thankyou for all your previous messages and for all your support xx 

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  • Hi kellly-03, I'm sorry to hear this news but you sound like a very positive and strong individual and you can probably get through anything. All the best and remember to look after yourself. Xx

  • Hi, hun! This is so terribly hard to read your post. I'm sorry this time wasn't your rainbow :( But at least you've got some results. Your docs will definitely find the solution on how to help to make home for your pea. I'll be praying for the great day happen soon in your life.

    I have never thought I'd be back again. God has already blessed us - we have a beautiful 2 yo Pam. We are in the case of unexplained infertility, our daughter being the de kid. We thought like our life was fulfilled but wanted so much to have another child so that our Pam wasn't alone in this world. I'm sorry I don't mean to hurt your feelings with the mentioning, but just wanted to say - we all are under the God's wing. We're in this journey again. This time passing our de ivf program in Ukraine.

    I wish this year bring success to you, to us, to every woman here! As we all have such a nobel desire - to have a baby. Sending you gentle hugs and keep strong as you do Xx

  • So sorry to hear this, look after yourself xxx

  • Sorry to hear this sweet! What an incredible woman you sound though. Thoughts are with you xx

  • She is amazing, so sad for her and her husband xx

  • Arrr Hun I'm so sorry! Your so strong! Xxx

  • I'm so sorry to hear your news. We also found out jn feb that our little one didn't have a heart beat and we were just so heart broken. To have your dreams dashed just feels so cruel. We all focus on the BFP but that's just the start! Thinking of you and sending hugs. Xx

  • Hi,

    Thankyou it helps to m ow other people's stories. We will get through this and try again. Are you going to try again? 


  • It's certainly a tougher journey than I thought it would be. Yes we want to try again, just giving ourselves a bit of time as I want to be in the right place emotionally. Whilst what happened was so devestating we try to look at it that we were lucky to have our little one for the short time we did. Xx 

  • So sorry to read your post...sending big hugs xxx

  • Sorry to read Kelly. You sound amazingly brave and strong I'm glad you've got such great support. We're all here to listen to anything you need to say. Xx

  • She is the bravest person she really is xx

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