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Endometriosis, chemical pregnancies, fertility specialist, IVF

Hi All,

I have severe endometriosis and had a total pelvic excision a year ago which has dramatically stopped my pain but we have been unable to get pregnant.

We have been trying to conceive for a year now with no luck.

I have had 3 chemical pregnancies, so I am able to get pregnant but it just does not last.

My GP said he would refer me to a fertility specialist and really I just wanted to know:

The tests they will do at a fertility specialist?

Would I only be considered for IVF on the NHS after 2 years of trying?

Any other advice / recommendations

Thanks so much :) xxxxx

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Hi Kat, you should definitely get your GP to refer you to hospital as you've been ttc for a while now. Sorry to hear about your chemical pregnancies, it's a cruel and difficult thing to go through. 

When my GP referred me to the hospitality think I had about a year of tests and a couple of operations to try and find out why I wasn't conceiving. Mainly blood tests, a HSG and then a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. What tests you have will really depend on what your own personal circumstances are. I found out I have blocked tube and endometriosis, amongst other things like fibroids and endometria. I have ended up having IVF but depending on what age you are and your issues then there are other possibilities like clomid, iui etc. Don't know how old you are but options reduce with age.

It takes time to go through this process and my best advice to someone would be to keep asking doctor and hospital to keep moving forwards with treatment (chase appts etc so you don't get lost in piles of applications) and keep looking after your partner as it can be a tough journey together :-)

Best of luck, Kat. Get your GP to refer you. 


Thank you for your reply :) yes it's hard as each time I felt pregnant straight away and have very strong synotoms and I have lovely friends but they just don't understand the issues we all go through truly! And they are all getting pregnant and as we all know it's just not that easy :(

I am 31 and have had a few laps and pelvic Excision last year. My GP has already written to me and said he would refer me so I will get that started ASAP! We were hoping to get pregnant naturally this year as next year we are getting married in Greece but I guess things don't always go to plan :)

But I will get the referral done and guess see what they suggest for me! :) 

Thanks a lot xxx

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