Test date 19th April

Just ranting I suppose but it feels like I've been waiting forever already. My boobs have been much more sore than normal, especially for this early in my cycle so I'm driving myself mad with the 'am I pregnant'/'is this because of the hormone treatments'/'is it all in my head'. I had a medicated IUI and I was wondering if anyone knows if this can change your normal cycle pattern? My last drug was ovitrelle on the 3rd April.

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  • It's so Annoying right.... It could be the pessary that you are on that makes you feel this way.  Although I am not sure how iui works.

    Try to be calm and Paitient I know it's hard as I am now on the 2ww for first scan.  I never really had much symptoms a little spotting, waves of cramping and some shooting pains and and defo crazy backache....but that came and went days where I had nothing.

    Wish you luck for the 19th it's nearly here xx

  • I'm not on progesterone. I asked about it but the nurse didn't seem to know. She just kept saying that I'd have been given it if I needed it. Ihopeshe hasn't messed up.

  • Hi my test is on 16th, my boobs have been really sore especially when i take my bra off. They were like this a few days into my progestrone injections, nurse said this would be progestrone as mimics pregnancy but im secretly hoping its that I am pregnant 😊, good luck

  • Good luck, I thought the wait would be the same as a normal cycle but I've let myself hope so much more than is sensible this time. Fingers crossed for us all.

  • I think its normal to be feeling like that, i know i have, i didnt think it would feel this intense! Best of luck xx

  • You test the same day as me good luck!! I've had really bad period type like cramps through the night last night!!! Sleepy today so will have to have a nap today 😁. Wishing you all the best xx

  • I've had a nagging pain on an off since the procedure was done. I'm getting sick of obsessing about symptoms but can't seem to stop myself over analysing every little thing. Xx

  • I'm in work for a training day tomorrow so that's a full day of mind occupied. Then I'm off again until the 20th so I've done a list of things I want to get sorted x

  • Sounds like a good plan. I'm  finding it easier when I'm at work. I was worried about going back but I'm glad I did now. Hope you get great news from your scan. Xx

  • Hi MVB, can I ask how long you took off after the procedure? Did you go back to work the next day? I'm In an office job/payroll dept so not physically straining but can be hectic/stressful in pay weeks. Were you in any pain after?

  • I had a medicated IUI and I went back to work the same day. It's just like a smear test but it takes a little longer. It didn't hurt at all. I'm a teacher so my job can be really stressful but a few of my collegues know and they've been really supportive and have helped out when I've needed it. Overall I have struggled far more at the weekends when I'm at home as I have time to think about it too much. At work I rarely have time to eat, let alone think, so it's been a lot easier. I have tried to be mindful about my stress levels and when I feel myself getting stressed I take a step back and find a different way to deal with the problem. I hope this helps. 😊

  • Oh you definitely have it hands down in the stress stakes! Thank you for that info, makes me feel better about staying in work. After a week of bloods I've got my scan today, so hoping it's not much longer now! Hope all going well for you and the 2ww is not too bad!

  • Got my fingers crossed you get your BFP! X

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