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Serial tester ☹️

Omg what a nightmare...

So since getting my BFP, on Wednesday 6.4 I have become a serial tester.  My otd for a hpt is officially today but @ 9dp5dt I managed to get a BFP and yesterday and still there today on OTD is today.  My bloods came back yesterday 87 which doctor says puts me 2-3 weeks.  I have an appointment on Monday at doctors but I'm the meantime I am going crazy.  Scan may not be booked for another 9 weeks so will be booking a private for end of month which should put me in the 7 week bracket.

How do I get through the next 3 weeks ☹️

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The wait for your scan is worse than the 2ww by far! You've just got to keep busy! 

I kept testing too to make sure the lines were getting darker each day... it's only natural 

On your official test day you should be 4 weeks pregnant chick not 2-3 weeks id say stay away from those digital ones they ain't accurate and more of a gimic.  Are you having repeat routine  bloods after 48 hours of the first one xxx 

I'm so happy for ya x 


Hi Tamtam1. A scan at 7/40wks sounds good to me.  I much prefer doing them then, than at 6/40wks so you defo get a heartbeat.  All exciting stuff.. Stop wasting your money on kits and go and have a nice meal instead!!  Good luck!  Diane


Hi Diane 

I know I am such a loser. Just so scared that I have to be groinded just in case.

But you are right I think cinema and some popcorn x


Sounds perfect to me! Diane


Hi tamtam1- when I had my first appointment with the midwife I told her how anxious I felt so she booked me in for an early scan for this morning, I am currently 6w and 2days but got to see a little heartbeat- however I have been told I have a slight bleed inside my uterus which is quite common so trying not to worry! Anyway maybe mention something to the midwife and she might book you in for an early scan - it's amazing! 

All the best X

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Thanks hon, I am going for private blood test tomorrow to see if levers have risen and have a appt on Monday for all the necessary tests.  The line seems to be getting a little darker but I am an impatient person which is why this is so hard.

This is our only positive out of 4 fresh private goes and we won't be going again so this is it.

I speak to my belly daily willing them to stay on board for the next 9 months so I can meet them or he or she.

Thanks for replying xx


Are you feeling many symptoms?  Mine are slowly going 🤔😢


I didn't even realise I was pregnant until one week after my period was late but I have irregular periods so thought nothing of it but I did a test and there was the second line, all I felt was my boobs felt really heavy and soar, at six weeks nothing much has changed apart from needing a wee more and being constantly tired lol but every day's been different so I wouldn't worry luv xxx



Try and keep as busy as you can just be careful doing things and hopefully it will come round quick xx 


I got my BFP today  :-)  and my scan isn't for an other two weeks! So I've been thinking about testing again,but then I thought it's silly,don't want to be obsessed just enjoy being happy for our positive test! Nothing was said ro us about blood test though?  Is it standard?  How come they haven't said anything to us? ! I might have to ring clinic!  


Hey and congrats 👯🙏🏽🍼

I got mine in the 6.4 and it's been a whirlwind.

They do bloods to check the levels of bchg in your blood not everywhere does it but from my understanding it's better than a hpt.

 Give your clinic a call x

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Thanks  ;-)I'll ring them tomorrow!  And congratulations to you xx


Hi Tamtam, only just seen this wonderful news!! Congratulations!!! Why is your scan not for another 9 weeks?? I thought most clinics give you one at 7 weeks before signing you off back to your regular GP? Well that's what mine did anyway. I'd check before you book your private scan ☺️ So so happy for you, I know you've wanted this for so long. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy xxx


Hey honey


My scan Will be booked for the 27th I had treatment abroad so I am working slightly different than I would be here.

I should be 7w3d by my scan.  I have my appointment with doctor on Monday so will voice my concern and how anxious I am. Wish I could sleep for the next 9 months and wake up when all ready to come out.

This journey is really really hard.

But am lucky to be here with this result just want to enjoy it. Xx


Totally agree, it is so hard. I tested early as I thought it would rest my mind. It did the opposite! I started testing all the time and drove myself barmy. The wait until my 7 week scan was worse than the 2ww. I'd googled everything and convinced myself that something would go wrong. I'm 25 weeks tomorrow and being honest, I only started to relax more after my 20 week scan. It's such a hard journey but you've got to think positive. It will all be worth it in the end 😁 Hope your appointment on Monday goes well, i'll be thinking of you xxx 


Well I had another blood test today and they have risen from 87 to 607 my clinic are happy with those results.  

Am going to try and be Paitient now and wait for my scan in 2 weeks 🙏🏽


Great news they are fab figures! Xx 


That's all sounding great Tamtam!! I'm so pleased for you!!x


Wow that's a MASSIVE increase, congratulations 😀😍👍🏼.

 I am currently 5+3 and since my cramps stopped a few days ago I barely have any symptoms. Due to a past ectopic I have an early scan in a week but until then I'm just cautiously trying to enjoy the thought of being pregnant without tempting fate by getting too carried away if that makes sense!? 


Hi Tamtam! 

The wait until your first scan is almost as bad as the 2ww! The time actually drags by! All you can do is try to keep yourself as busy as possible.

Best of luck for your scan when the time comes. 


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