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Quick update

So here we are..... We have had 4 failed cycles and now pending DE in Greece.

Meds started, donor found who may I add is an accountant ( always helps 😬 ) flying out as long as all goes well on March 21st for transfer on 26 or 27.

Scared, anxious, happy, sad, excited, hoping, praying (kind of ) and then everything else.

Hopefully it while there as we will be 4 days in so implantation should have taken place.

That's it xx

Good luck to us all no matter the stage we are at just stay positive xxxx

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Very best of luck, wishing you a bfp!


Wishing you the very best Tamtam1. Really hope this cycle brings you your BFP. Good luck with it 💞 x x x


Wishing you luck and sending positive vibes. Xxx 💌


Wishing you lots of luck for a positive result!!


Oh wow that's so exciting for you! Not long to wait now. What clinic are you using in Greece? Xx


Good luck hon


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