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IVF & very low egg count

We had our first appt with the IVF specialist and we felt like it went well, he said my levels are very low due to the medication I'm on to suppress the endometriosis- the only way to know if my right ovary is working (left is pretty bad so assumes it's not working) is to stop taking the tablet I take for 12 weeks and then they will do a trial stimulation (4-6 weeks) to see if I have any eggs produced, if I have more than 4 they will give the IVF a go, if I have less then they suspend the IVF and go down other possible routes such as egg donor. But for now we have a chance and hopefully we pray that I have eggs. So what happens now is we go onto the waiting list (approx 12 weeks) and continue as we are until then. So it's approx 6-7 months until we are at the point of the trial.

Has anyone gone through anything similar?

Any successes?

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Hi kitzi_kat. I was glad to see that you felt your consultation went well with your specialist. Looks like he/she is trying to rid you of the endometriosis as much as possible before trying you on a stimulation drug. This will be to produce follicles. If they can get you to grow them to a decent size that would accept eggs into, then I feel sure they will proceed with a trigger shot, then egg collection. It will seem a long wait, but it seems the best way to get you to produce enough follicles. I really do hope that it works for you, as I have seen success in similar cases to yours. Diane


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