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Just been diagnosed with pcos

Hi everyone, I am 23 and just found out I have pcos via ultrasound. I had an appointment with my gp the other day to discuss my results, he said that my blood results came back as completely normal with hormonal activity but the scan clearly came back that I have cysts all over my ovaries. I have very irregular periods and cystic acne but am not over weight or hairy. My older sister has also been diagnosed with pcos so it is likely that I have inherited the syndrome. I am absolutely terrified that I won't be able to conceive and have a lot of pain and discomfort in my ovaries which I am wondering if anybody else experiences? I love reading about success stories of women getting pregnant with pcos as it gives me hope. I have been with my partner for 3 years and my gp has suggested not to waste anytime when it comes to trying for a baby but my partner thinks we are too young to have a baby. I get the feeling that he doesn't understand just quite how serious it is and that it could take years to conceive so I would really like to start trying now. We both work and have a mortgage and I feel very ready. If anybody has any success stories or advice they would like to share then I would really appreciate it :) xx

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Hi Amber92. I have just read your post and can understand your concerns. I must admit that I would go along with your GP’s advice. It might be that you need some treatment before you can try and get pregnant, so perhaps ask your GP to refer you to a clinic for further investigations?? A referral, and tests etc can take time, so once this is all done, perhaps your partner may feel more inclined to try for a baby. Fortunately though, you are still young and could wait a couple of years, but see what advice a specialist gives you. Obviously, I wish you both well with whatever you decide to do. Diane

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Thank you Diane. I have spoken to him in a little more depth about it and although he is still a little apprepensive he does agree with me that he needs to come with me to a GP appointment to discuss my options as after all pcos will affect his life as well as mine. Thanks for your advice :)


Hi Amber92. That's good to hear. Do let me know how it all goes if you can, and good luck! Diane


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