My 7 wk scan

My 7 wk scan

Hey all I had my 7 week scan on Wednesday here is our little bean :) perfect beating heartbeat. Only 1 there. Coming upto 8 weeks this Wednesday. Morning sickness kicked in 3 days ago even tho its more on the early evening. Hate being sick :( lol. Just a quick question my hospital gave me a letter to book me in with my doctors with the midwife but on my letter off the hospital they said I have now being discharge from them and my doctors have only booked me in for my 16 week scan. Ive told my doctors that I want to stay at my hospital. How will I no whats going to happen now. X

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  • That's the best news and picture I've seen in ages ! Well done you !

    Here's to a happy healthy little one for you both :)

    Congratulations lovely, well done x

  • Thank you hun it was amazing to see :) x

  • Congratuations, what a lovely picture, mine was alot smaller at jus 6w1d. That seems a long wait, normally you would have 1 at 12 weeks which would be a dating scan, have you already been given an estimated due date? I have another scan at my clinic this thursday at 9 weeks then ill be signed off to my gp so im not sure at which point ill be offered another scan after that.

  • Thanks hun. Yeah they gave me a due date of 27th oct but I thought id of been given a 12 week scan date not sure if ill get one through the post or what but in a bit of a limbo of what to do now or just wait till my 16 week one xx

  • Hi mrsgoodby2015. No, you definitely need your scan at 12/40wks for nuchal screening for Down's or blood test. Make sure you check about this and keep taking your folic acid tablets until then. When you have the 12/40wks scan, you will get to see a little baby not just a bean - amazing! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and birth. Diane

  • thank u diane yeah i thourght that too im going to wait till the end of this week incase i get any letters come through if not who do i phone up my gp or ?? it was the lady on the doctors reception that did all my stuff never got to speak 2 anyone i was trying to tell her i needed a 12 week one and she just said the midwife will only do it from 16 weeks. she was getting me frustrated cause i didnt no if she was right or not as never done this before xx

  • Hi. You speak direct to your GP or midwife and don't let receptionist tell you otherwise. Spoken with my professional hat on! Diane

  • Hi Hope-faith, my daughter had a 7 week, 12 week, 20 week and 28 week scan, she will also have 32 and 34 scans, but i think you have the extra ones if it is ICSI

  • Aw what a lovely pic, congratulations xxx

  • Congratulations - what a lovely pic! I was also discharged from my hospital after 7 week scan as they don't have a maternity section, only an infertility one. I phoned my doctor and booked in directly with the midwife, she was then responsible for booking my 12 week scan at the hospital I have chosen to give birth in. The midwife saw me at 8 weeks then again at around 16 weeks (but not a scan as that is done at hospital not by midwife) and then more regularly from 20something weeks. The formal hospital scans were 12, 20, 28 and 34 weeks. 28 and 34 week scans are because of the IVF and wouldn't normally be given. If I were you I'd just phone the docs and ask to make a midwife appointment then ask the midwife directly about what appointments you need, but I agree with everyone else when they say you should have a 12 week scan. Good luck and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy!

  • Congratulations to you both huni seeing posts like this makes it all worth it xxxxx

  • thank you all got my 1st ever midwife appointment this Saturday so finally got the ball rolling with appointments so i can finally chill :) xx

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