Last day of 2WW

Hi Ladies,

Today is the last day of my two week wait after I had two eggs transferred and I am testing tomorrow morning. My stomach is really tender and bloated (although I have not put any weight on) I am panicking that my AF is going to come today and I think I am imagining some pre-AF symptons. I know everything is totally out of my hands and there is nothing I can do to change this but just wondered what everyone else's experience was before either a BFP or a BFN.

P.s my thoughts are with everyone on here going through infertility whatever stage they are at xx

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  • Hi Sarah8384. Just to wish you well for tomorrow’s test day. Your ovaries may still be a bit active from your medication you’ve been on, which could be why it is “puffy”. Make sure you drink plenty of water and that you are passing nice clear urine. Keeping everything crossed. Diane

  • Thanks Diane Sooooo nervous x

  • wishing you all the luck in the world sarah. xx

  • Thank you so much xx

  • Wishing you the very very best of luck Sarah. Xx

  • Just seen this thread. How did you get on?x

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