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Start injections today😊

I'm off to the hospital soon for my first scan and then hopefully to start my stims injections.

Feel ok about it , where is best leg or Tum?

Another step closer 😀😀

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Good luck! Personally i found that the stomach was less painful, even managed to inject myself! X


I was told only tummy (anywhere along the horizontal line underneath your bellybutton). Good luck with them. Def better if you do them yourself as causes fewer arguments! 😉 try to breathe out as you inject in. And when pushing the liquid in do it slowly. Which injections are you on? Xx


Menotropin 75


Hi lovey

I always did tummy. Never been so happy to have my little Mitchell rolls. Not tried leg.

Going luck :)

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Tummy definitely. First time round I did it in my thighs and bruised quite abit. Even when I had buserelin and menopur injections it didn't bother me in my stomach - except when the dh made me laugh mid injection 😂 Xx


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