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Weight Loss Stress

Well after trying the eat healthy option and not losing any weight I am going to give this Cambridge Diet a go. So I have a consultant coming to see me tomorrow about it. She is bringing some samples to try.

We have our appointment on the 16th March so if I don't lose the weight required we won't get the funding for our next step.

They have an egg donor ready and hope to transfer in April so I have to lose it. I have the motivation though.

Keeping everything crossed. xxx

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Hi, have you tried slimming world? It's a great diet which when done right doesn't feel like you are dieting. I had weeks were even with a glass of wine and some chocolate I lost 7 pounds. If you have a group near you I really recommend it.x


Hi , I was told I had to loose weight I had to loose over a stone and I did it by having a smoothie for breakfast salad with chicken or fish for lunch then soup and a crumpet for dinner . Good luck xx


I did the Cambridge a few years ago with my mum & the weight fell off us both very quickly. It has impressive results but boy do you have to be motivated & in the zone cause it's hard when your other half is eating normally! I still go back if I've put on a few pounds before holidays etc. My tips are to drink as much water as you can I put more water in the products than is recommended especially porridge. Once you get past the first 4 days you don't feel hungry so hang in there if you find the first few days difficult!! Good luck!!


Hi there,

I was on the cusp of the 29.9 bmi limit before my first appointment and didn't want to take any chances, so I did this diet:


It guarantees you lose a stone in a week and it actually worked! It's designed for people who need to lose weight fast before surgery, so it's relatively healthy and, as someone who doesn't 'do' diets, I found it quite easy. My bmi was down to 28.4 for my first appointment (I lost 6 kilos) and I didn't even do the last day! The weight stayed off too, as long as i continued to eat sensibly.

I'm doing it again before I start treatment, I am 5 days in and I've already lost another 3.5 kilos. My bmi is now down to 27.7, but most of the weight seems to come off at the end. I even cheated (mildly) a couple of times.

Good luck!

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