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DHEA Suppliment

Hi , I've been reading the book - it starts with the egg. And it mentions DHEA supplements can improve egg quality.

I'm taking just a pregacare vitamin but wondered if anyone is taking DHEA as well ( or even heard of it?

BTW - just took my last pill and started my nasal spray just now ( not to bad next sniff at 3pm.

Another step closer 😊☺️

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Hi there,

Yes I am taking a DHEA supplement by Zita West. I read her book and straight away bought her vitamins!! Ha! :D anything to boost the chances!!!

You can get them on Amazon cheaper than her online website. I guess any DHEA supplement will do, but my cousin advised me on Zita West as she got pregnant whilst taking them!

I've not yet started the IVF but we have been accepted for it so I'm just preparing my body for it all!! Ha! Good luck to you :D xx


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