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Pre implantation genetic screening

Hi lovely people. This is my first post on here. My husband and I have had two failed nhs IVF cycles - both ending with miscarriage at 6-8 weeks :-( We don't know what to do next and our consultant suggested we look into PGS which looks at the embryos and chooses the best to put back. Has anyone done this? I've found one London clinic that does but it costs c.£12k for the full cycle!!!

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Sorry I don't know much about PGS, but you may want to post your question also on the ' Fertility Friends' website, as they have extensive forums on pregnancy and fertility issues.

Good luck!



Hi, I am sorry to know yr story. I would recommend doing as much research as possible on PGS abroad (high success rates/high quality but cheaper). Eg if you do PGS at Invicta (Poland, clinics passed UK NEQAS and CEQAS assessment for laboratory service (PGD/PGS) you would pay 4000 Euro. If you undergo treatment in Altravita (one of the best clinics in Russia), you would pay 5 000 Euro, Cyprus clinics offer PGS from 4 500 Euro. You can compare prices and destinations on eggdonationfriends com/treatment/pgs-chromosome-screening/

I can recommend visiting the international threads and the threads dedicated to PGS on fertilityfriends co uk where you will find lots of info about English and overseas clinics that offer PGS. Ladies are very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Babycentre co uk is also a good source of info and, of course, clinics official websites.

Hope it helps. Good luck with your search and treatment


Gosh, that is expensive isn't it?!

Maybe consider some other tests first like blood tests for blood clotting and natural killer cells, just to eliminate those sort of things?


Yes it maybe cheaper and you might find a reason first if you test other things. Such as blood clotting issues, thyroid and a other reasons for miscarriages. It might be worth looking into that. If you spend 12k on this and then find out the cause was something smaller that could have been sorted before would be better in my opinion. 12K that is extremely costly!


So I think we have had all of those tests already according to our consultant. He thinks there is nothing else to test / explain it :-(


What about Chromosome testing? Where they test your chromosomes and your partner's to see if they are compatible. I had some testing done after 2 mc but only had this test done after I had a third.

Check that the blood clotting tests were definitely done as this is a cause of early mc and can be prevented by using aspirin and heparin.


You have been lucky to have 2 successful BFP, now you knowing works and can get pregnant it could work one of 2 ways keep trying naturally or get the test about recurrent miscarriage.

There are a few Hosp around that do it for less money. I read an article where they said that sometimes the drugs we take just don't help the long term process meaning pregnancy as we are already weak from the drugs.

I am sorry for your losses xx


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