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Pelvic cramps

Hi lovely ladies,

Anyone on ivf meds experienced any pelvic area pains or cramps? I dont know its a strange heaviness kind of feeling with little bursts of pain on both sides from time to time! The whole area in general feels sore from inside! Is it from all the stimulation! Sleeplessness is also what i am facing since yesterday(has been there on and off)Taken a paracetamol a while back hope that wod ease the pain! My app is on friday a day from now, shall i call in to see doc tomorrow morning!

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What mess are you on at the moment ?

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By mess i cod only guess med😄💉

Gonal f 150 which is upped for two days to 300!

Pergevoris 150

Orgalutran 25

And aimaim77 what part of your journey are you at?wish you all well!


Yes! My actual hips feel discomforted, it started afew days after Buserelin. Around a week in I spent 4/5 days being awake from 7/8am right to 5/6am not being able to drop off. I've just had ec and its nice to say the sleeplessness only lasted afew days but the hip bit flares every other hour or so, I don't tend to take it in anymore lol! I wasn't too worried but if you are speak to the nurses when at the clinic :) good luck on your journey xx

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Your ovaries can become quite enlarged from the medication and this can cause discomfort. I found it difficult to wear heels and exercise was definitely out at this stage! Is it possible that this is what you're experiencing? Definitely worth mentioning to your clinic if your concerned x

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Lovely ladies a big hi to you all,

Thanks donnauk and hopeful😘 I agree with donnauk coz yes my even my hip feels sensitive at times, but not so much to worry!

Yes defi the paracetamol helped the pain and discomfort it felt like i had just heaviness, part of it explains as hopeful said ovarys are swollen and larger than they normally are...right coz they are working overtime😔

No pain n less discomfort=good night's sleep😊I have myself been behaving like an owl quiet often, so every sleepy night is a blessing!

🙏🏻 Thank God🙏🏻


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