Relaxing through this stressful time 😞

Hi looking for tips on this to keep me sane and relaxed ?I go for my consent appointment next week then after that to wait for my period,I suffer depression and although my meds keep me in a good place most of time I find I get my self worked up and stressed out very easily sometimes over nothing so as you can imagine I am worrying about how I will be,so anything a that will help?

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  • Hi Littleone. I'm lucky not to suffer with depression as such but am what you might call "highly strung" and have found IVF stressful as anyone would. I think your best bet is to do what you have learned over the years will make you feel better, with as much discipline as you can manage. So personally I've been meditating daily using Headspace, being careful but not too exacting about diet, and trying to watch plenty of comedy. Relaxation is really important and I would recommend asking for help from your clinic and perhaps seeing if a counsellor is available. Good luck!

  • Counselling, Tai Chi and acupuncture all helped me to keep calm and relax. The Tai Chi was fab and lots of the Glasgow Life gyms offer it allowing you to pay as you go. Definitely worth a try - I used to get the best nights sleep after it x

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