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Starting again

Hi ladies, I am starting my 2nd fresh cycle on the 8th of April after having a miscarriage in January from doing a frozen cycle. I'm finding it really hard to go into this with a positive mind. Me and my partner have decided to keep this cycle a secret from our families as we found it so hard telling them the bad news last time, is this a good idea? Xx

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Hey Jill

I personally think its a good idea. Perhaps tell your mum or someone extremely close to you but other than that if it was me I would keep to myself , in fact we are starting again in May and I have told no one accept my mum.

After our failed attempt it made the healing process longer when I had to keep explaining to everyone what happened and besides that they didn't understand my pain.

As long as your hubby supports you and you are strong together u will get thorough one day at a time.

This cycle will be yours.

Good luck cx


Hi Jill, we've not told anyone that we're starting as we feel it puts additional pressure on. If you feel you need additional support it might be worthwhile speaking to a counsellor as they offer great support and insight while being that bit more detached from the situation. Good luck x


We've only told very close family and friends, not that we made it public first time. My work colleagues also know we're on our second round but I haven't given them any other details.

Do what feels right for you and good luck.


I told my family and close friends. My work colleagues all knew due to the job I do I was not able to keep it secret from them. I found the support I received from them all was amazing and even on my 4th attempt it was what helped me through it. I'm now going down the adoption route and their support is still just as important to me. I wish you lots of luck and will keep my fingers crossed for a successful result for you. xxx


Me and my partner are in a similar situation. miscarried early February and start again in may. We've decided to keep it to ourselves this time as we found it extremely difficult to tell people about the miscarriage. We may decide later that we want or need to tell family and or close friends. Good luck in your next cycle, I hope it all works out for you x


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