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I have PCOS and I have been referred for IVF and currently waiting for my first appointment. I was advised that I will be referred to Guys Hospital in London. Has anyone been referred to them? What are your experiences? I am feeling pretty low as 3 of my friends who got married after me have announced their pregnancies and although I am happy for them, I feel really sad. I am tired of moaning to my husband because I am sure he is feeling low but has to stay strong for me. My periods have stopped completely and I am not sure whether it's the stress or my PCOS. Someone please advise.

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  • Hi! I don't have any experience with the hospital you're supposed to be treated in. But want to support you telling my story. I'm diagnosed on luteal phase defect, also have poor quality eggs. They are bad enough to give us 10% verdict of conceiving with OE. This has got on me for some time but now I'm fully used to this fact. We need DE for our IVF cycle/s. Don't know for sure it will take two attempts or more to get pregnant. But just know only one won't do. I'm 39 yo and this age demands usually more than one attempt. We're going to book the 5 att. program in biotexcom fertility center. Our 1st app. being set on the 8th of Feb. Feel nervous and excited about it...

    My dear Sunnyskies, I think coping with your PCOS will definitely take some time, when applying for help to a good expert. He'll study your situation and find the most attractive treatment for you, be sure. As for your periods I don't think PCOS can lead to their full stop. But your being stressed really CAN.

    Lovely lady S, if you have no trouble with your eggs just PCOS you're blessed to have a biologically related to you baby one day! This will be so marvelous!

    Go on with your treatment and be sure this won't take you long you'll be nursing you tiny!! I have my fingers crossed for you both xx Strong hugs for you xx

  • Thank you for making me feel so much better. I hope that everything goes well for you and you will be nursing your little one. I do know someone who concieved at the age of 45 so there is hope. Xxx

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