Fingers and toes crossed

I've had 2 embryos transfered today 3 day 4a and 4 b quality which the clinic has told me are good quality, a little bit gutted that didn't go blastocyst but hopefully these 2 will do the job.

We do have 2 other embryos that were c grade but there not sure if they will freeze will find this out tomorrow.

Is there many people that have had success with 3 day embryos ?

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  • Hi Crazy_cat, congratulations on the transfer of your 2 embies today, that's wonderful news.

    Your situation sounds similar to mine, we have 5 eggs collected, 5 fertilised, 4 made it through to day 3, we we transferred one grade 2 and one grade 2-3 and left 1 grade 3 and 1 grade 4 in the lab to see if they made it through to blastocyst day 5. Unfortunately these ones didn't make it so we do not have any to freeze, so all our focus is on the ones we transferred.

    You have 2 good quality embies in there both with a really good chance so try to focus your positive energy on those. One of the deciding factors of choosing a 3 or a 5 is down to how many embies you have to choose from at the outset, as our numbers are quite low they won't risk waiting for a 5 transfer, as it's better to have some or one to transfer and be inside you all nice and warm rather than in the lab and risking that none make it through to day 5.

    Sending you positive vibes and lots of luck for your 2ww xx

  • Thank you for your reply, I didn't ask the consultant why we couldn't go to 5 day but sort of worked it out in my own head that with only 2 at good grade they would risk loosing them both.

    Just have to hope the 2 week wait goes fast.

    Thank you and good luck with your journey and hope for a positive for you x x

  • I love your positivity, your posts are great, giving me focus. Very best of luck to you.

  • Thank you, and right back to you too Molly2016, how are you feeling? How's your 2ww going? I hope your little embie is all warm and snugly and you get your BFP very soon xxx

  • Good luck to you on your 2 week wait hope it passes quickly for you xx

  • Hi, thank you for your messages. I'm trying to stay positive, relaxed & calm but not feeling very confident. This is my last chance, I'm 43 & had 1 5day blast to transfer, been ttc for 6 yrs. Have my test this day next week!...(not sure how I will cope tbh if it's negative) No symptoms whatsoever except for the standard symptoms from the meds. Have gone from non stop crying (Monday) to being very grumpy today! Back at work & doing my utmost to hang in...thinking of and wishing you all the very best, it's just so hard the 2ww.

  • life is so tough isn't it . hopefully this will be your time. I've read loads of posts on here where they have had no symptoms and got a positive on test day so don't give up.


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