Awaiting IVF but treating fibroid

Hi guys, I recently had part of my fibroid removed 3 days to Xmas and was told I have to be back to remove the remaining but I ended up in the hospital on New Year's Day. I had a terrible cramp and I was checked only for the doctor to find about half the size of an orange fibroid lying loose in my uterus, so he removed and I was do relieved. Am just hoping that's d other part that detached itself so I don't need to go for another procedure and we can start the ivf process.

Has anyone undergone such pls and what is the healing time.

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  • Morning, hope you're feeling better. I had a full myomectomy in November 2014 and had 24 fibroids removed. I'm now three months pregnant so it's worth it! X

  • Thanks a bunch .....I feel a lot more better now and I wish you safe delivery.

  • They usually recommend 2-3 months post myomectomy. Good luck!

  • Thank you....

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