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Prostap, fibroids and IVF

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Hello, hope everyone’s having a good Friday! I wondered if anyone has had experience of prostap for reducing fibroids before IVF (our donor egg IVF in my case). The doctor at the clinic abroad we are going to suggested I do it for 3 months to give me the best chance of successful implantation but I’m a little confused as I have had a hysteroscopy through the NHS and my NHS consultant gave me the thumbs up and said the fibroids weren’t impacting the lining of my uterus. Even the clinic’s own 3D scan said my endometrium was fine. I wouldn’t even know about the fibroids were it not for fertility investigations as I don’t have heavy periods or any pain even though the largest is 4x4cm (the other two are very small).

Has anyone else had this recommended and what are the side effects like. I don’t want to go overboard with unnecessary drugs to be honest.

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I had mine removed and I still have little ones floating they said was fine. Perhaps he is giving you the best chances... if you are happy not to do it then just say u would rather not....

Only had the injection prior my op and fet not for anything else.

Sorry if this didn’t help x

I can understand your situation. I think it's important to be comfortable with the situation. If you're not, just let them know. It shouldn't be that much of an issue. Good luck to you! Sending my best wishes and regards. TTC can be generally difficult.

Hi Tam Tam, did you find the side effects ok or did you not have any? I just find it a little odd as nobody has ever suggested they needed removing or anything like that but he probably is just trying to create the absolute best scenario.

Prostap is very like when you down regulate before starting IVF....its the same drugs that are used to put you into "fake menopause". It reduces the estrogen in your body so in turn the fibroids should shrink. I found the side effects not brilliant, menopause like symptoms are caused - headaches, tiredness, fuzzy head. I would ask the clinic why they want to put you on it if everyone so far has said that it wasnt necessary. They may just want to keep things on an even keel for starting treatment. Oh and I dont have fibroids, Ive only ever taken it in preparation for DE treatment, mainly so my own hormones were shut off and the clinic had more control over my body for treatment.xx

I had zoladex before a myomectomy, 10 years ago. I think Prostap is a similar drug. The reason I was given Zoladex was to shrink the fibroids and help control blood loss during surgery, as I had several fibroids. It gave me symptoms very similar to menopause: night sweat, weight gain, hot flushes. Very uncomfortable. But all worked out with the myomectomy. Good luck.

Hi I have been through a similar journey and went for a hysteroscopy and fibroids are in muscle area. However I have been experiencing very bad s vere abdominal pain and I am also on hormone tablets through the private route I am taking. I have been told by NHS I could have suggested adenymosis which I never heard of. Doctor in Spain has advised to continue with hormone treatment to get best chance of egg donor implantation. I am currently on progynova and cyclogest and iron tablets and folic acid. I think I will also need 3 months of prostrap injections as this could suppress the adenymosis.

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