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I suffer from PCOS and my husband has poor quality sperm. Initially, my gynaecologist wanted to try us on clomid - however due to the poor sperm quality our chances of conception will be very low. Last week after my hycosy our gynaecologist told us we would have to have IVF.

This was a shock to us both and although we both understand the procedure, we are not sure what to expect at our next consultation or how long we will have to wait to be implanted.

Also the gynaecologist said they would only implant one embryo as My risk of twins is too high.

Please can somebody shed some light on what to expect- the waiting times, process etc?

Many thanks xxx

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Finding iut you need IVF/ICSI can be a complete shock and take some time to get your head around! I've written quite a lengthy post here so I hope it doesn't overwhelm you! It's based on my own experience so it can vary from person to person.

In terms of waiting it does vary depending on area but from joining the IVF waiting list in January 2015 we reached the top about 3 months later. We then had a couple of appointments where we were required to complete consent forms, have some blood tests (HIV, Hepititis etc) and they checked my weight, blood pressure and that neither of us were smokers.

I started IVF on my May cycle but it was June 2015 before is started my medication. I was required to take a Suprecur nasal spray to down regulate (I.e. to stop me ovulating). I had a scan to check this had worked before starting the injections to stimulate my ovaries to produce eggs. The injections can sound a bit scary but they are actually fine and you get used to them pretty quickly! I injected for around 10 days or so and had regular scans to check how my follicles were developing.

Once they are happy you are booked in for Egg Collection (EC). This procedure involves being sedated and a day off work but again, I found it was absolutely fine.

Your other half will be asked to produce his sperm sample on the same day and the eggs they retrieve from you will be mixed with the sperm. The following day they let you know how many eggs have fertilised and then your clinic will decide whether to transfer them back on day 3 or day 5. The transfer is absolutely fine too - a bit like a smear test.

You will then be given a date to perform a hpt or return to the clinic for a blood test to see if it's been successful. Waiting to do this is the worst part!

From starting the medication to down regulate until my test date was around 7 weeks and it does fly by once you get started!

I had a single embryo transfer. But, I was told it was my decision as they are my embryos. In the end we were guided by quality of our embryos and the opinion of the embryologist. She explained that having two transferred doesn't double your chance of success (in fact only increases it by around 5%!) and there is a higher risk of mc with twin pregnancies.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck with your treatment x


We found out just a couple of days before Christmas that we would need IVF. My hubby's sperm is fine the problem lies with me I have a blocked left tube and apparently it isn't straight and have endemetorisis I was told after my lap & dye hysterocoscopy I'd need to go back to see if they could unblock my tube but they decided not to even try dye to me already having suffered an ectopic pregnancy and having to have my right tube removed. We filled in all our papers for funding etc at that appointment just before Christmas they told us around 4-6 months wait to start treatment depending on the clinic and appointments maybe sooner. I cried at the hospital when they told us the news I was devastated but I've now come to terms with that and ready for the journey ahead. I'm taking this waiting time to improve my chances healthy eating vitamins exercise. I hope you get somewhere soon xx

hi, hope to give you some encouraging news that the process can be smooth. my husband and I have same issues as yourself, I was gutted that we were referred straight to ivf from GP with no trying anything else at all. this was last May, it took 3 months for all the tests at the hospital and a further month waiting to hear if our application had been successful then we were referred to a clinic. once at the clinic it takes about 6 weeks of waiting and drug taking before your embryo is transferred back. I'm now 8 weeks pregnant . I was really impatient during the process but if someone had told me last march I would be pregnant by November I would have chilled out a bit more.... 😌 I've got a long way to go but hearing a heartbeat from our embryo last week was priceless. fingers crossed for your journey x

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