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Slow heart rate, any positive stories?

Hi everyone

After a very stressful few weeks...

(1st round ivf icsi positive, then over 3 weeks of period like bleeding, scans at 5&6wks)

.... we had our 7 week scan today and I am really concerned now. The doc said although the baby, sac and yolk have all grown from 6 week scan, the baby is small (about a week behind what it should be) and it has a slow heart rate at 78 bpm (should be 100-120). She said its not a good sign and said we must have another scan in a week. Now I'm terrified is going to go badly :'(

Has anyone had a baby that had a slow heart rate which recovered to a happy ending?

Positive reassurance desperately needed Xxx

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Hello I'm not sure how much help this is but I am now pregnant for the 6th time I only have one child who's now 3 and this one at 15 weeks both of them measured very small they couldn't see a heart beat at my 7 week ( by me and ovulation dates) scan they said I was only 5 + I was very upset and thought the worst rescanned a week later and all was fine, what I'm trying to say is all our little babies are different and grow differently so hold on to hope and positive thoughts keep busy and good luck for the next scan x

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