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Transfer day

So after 13 months of tests, scans, injections; 2 laparoscopiess, 3 other procedures, bad news, not great news and the finally a week of good news we are finally on the train to have our transfer. Almost didn't think this day would happen, feeling nervous but weirdly calm at the same time, not sure if that's the reflexology I've been having or because I feel really looked after this time.

We have one blastocyst and two at the stage before. Still can't quite believe they all survived the defrost.

Good luck to anyone else having or haven had their transfer today or recently.

Bob x

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fingers crossed x


I hope it all went well.

We had transfer on Tuesday so we'll be testing at a similar time.

Fingers crossed for BFPs.


Thank you xx

It was definitely an emotional day, ended up taking an hour and half but we got there in the end and have 2 blastocysts, one B- B- and the other B B-

The rest of this year is going to go so slow

Good luck to you too pm27 x


Hi Bobenhams3. Well they sound like tough little cookies, so well done! Just wanted to add my good wishes for the transfer and implantation. Will be thinking of you. Diane


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