Sharp pain when coughing ?

Hey everybody, hope ur all doing well during ur treatments or 2ww! Just wondering if anybody knows why i am getting a shooting pain just under my knicker line when i cough , it made me bend over in pain because i thought something would tear it was that severe !i thought it may be sore from EC or ET but why would i only feel it now at 6 and 7dp3dt ? X

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  • There is a lot going on in there remember . It's so easy to overanalyse each and every twinge and pain . The best thing to do is to try and stay calm for your embryo. If you have any major concern or you just want to put your mind at rest you could maybe ring your clinic .

    Wishing you a lot of luck xx

  • When I was on 2ww I felt similar when I coughed but that was definitely around where my ovaries were. My nurse said that our bodies have been through a lot and it takes time for our ovaries to shrink back to normal size so pain isn't uncommon. I was still getting it at 12 weeks pregnant. I get some pain now at 19 weeks but it's moved to between the bikini line and hip - usually on the right hand side. I believe it's to do with ligaments stretching. Hope you're feeling better soon and good luck with your 2ww!

  • Hi. Also had the same pain when sneezing and still do at 16 weeks pregnant. X just your body changing x good luck

  • Thank you ladies ! Iv read a few things about it so fingers crossed iv got a sticky 1 in there ☺ congratulations with ur successful ivf's lynn and jojo xx

  • I had the same when feels like a strained muscle ache, but I too put it down to my ovaries being pushed to their limits! Good luck πŸ€

  • Thanks ladies i need to stop symptom spotting because its driving me insane ! I really do think that this is not my turn so already looking into cycle no.2 x

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