Hello and nervously awaiting first cycle

Hi, I'm new around here so bear with me while I get used to all the terminology I see a lot of you using x

I am 29 and awaiting my first ivf cycle in February. We decided to take a couple of months off after I got pretty low on clomid in a hope to spend some quality time together and with family to boost my positivity.....can't say it's working yet but maybe Christmas will help who knows...

Anyway hello everyone I will try and contribute to posts , look forward to sharing our journey


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  • Hi welcome, good luck for your cycle in Feb. Hope you have a lovely Xmas Xx πŸŽ…πŸ’—

  • Hi Jojones86. Well, I think you have made the right choice in having a short break after Clomid before starting your IVF cycle. It will give you some time to re-charge your batteries ready for the off! Just wanted to wish you well with it all and of course for success. Diane

  • Hi Jojones86, I'm starting my first IVF cycle in February. Bit of a surprise because the NHS moved it forward several months which I'm pleased, excited and nervous about all at the same time.

    I wish you well with it, and fingers crossed it works for both of us x

  • Hello, I'm completely new here. I'm about to have my first RMU appointment... and then I guess everything else. I'd be really interested in hearing your journeys and sharing where you're all at. x

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