FET- 3DP 5DT And poorly

As I suspected I have caught a cold from I suspect a colleague. Sounds a bit ridiculous wondering if this could affect successful implantation. I've had the twinges and sharp pains like I did last time so hopefully that is a good sign. My sense of smell went crazy last time and haven't had that issue so far this time.

Cycle 1 i tested early to ensure the trigger shot was out of my system and I convinced myself that was only reason. I plan to buy some hpts tonight and test Saturday morning for the first time. My DH doesn't want to do any tests at home after what happened last time but I don't think I can handle a) waiting till next Wednesday afternoon to have a faceless person tell me over the phone and b) I still want some kind of normality.

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  • Hello,

    I had a cold during our round of IVF. I never get sick and was really worried it would ruin our chances. It didn't and we got a BfP. So, (I know it's easier said than done but) try not to worry. Regardless of the outcome I don't think your cold will make a difference.

    Good luck x

  • I also had cold (and pretty much have done ever since!) so I really wouldn't worry about it. Hopefully the twinges are a good sign if that's what your body does and I'd put the no sense of smell down to the cold! Good luck!

  • I got tonsillitis during my 2WW and got a BFP. Your immune system being low might be a good sign that it's not rejecting your embryo. Wishing you the best of luck. X

  • Thanks for the reassurance. Twinges are starting to dwindle so I'm in a minor panic but I think they did this last time too.

    Last time I dreamt I was pregnant every night until the night before I miscarried. This time that hasn't happened either.

    I went to buy tests last night but there were none. I probably would have done one this morning and got a negative either way.

    Going to try and get some tonight. x

  • I found first response much better than Clearblue. Xx

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