Inbetween egg retrieval and embryo transfer

Hi all,

Was landed to have had 13 fertilized eggs and have been told today that on day three they are all either top quality or very good quality! We go to blastocyst on Saturday.

My question is would u consider having a drink tonight? My embryos are not yet inside me so I really can't see any harm. I would really appreciate u thoughts on this ladies

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  • Thats amazing news Purdy777. You are recommended not to take alcohol through the full treatment although not sure there is any medical research suggesting it affects the treatment.

    I would not have anymore than 1 or 2 and on that basis not sure that its even worth it at all.

    Wishing you the best of luck, your results so far are a dream.


  • Thank u

  • I wouldn't. Why risk it?

  • Thanks for the advise

  • Thats fab news. You must be well chuffed. As tempting as it is i personally wouldnt. I just think after all the hard work of going through the meds etc just keep your body at its best ready for your implantation. Better to be safe than sorry. Good luck though. Keeping everything crossed for you xx

  • Thanks for the advice

  • Thank u

  • I wouldn't drink! X

  • I had two glasses of red wine two days before my transfer (on a friday night and transfer was the following monday morning) It helped me relax. Im 18 weeks pregnant so it clearly didnt harm my chances. IVF is a lottery, you can do everything by the book and it still fails. Its a hard journey and we go through so much physically and mentally so if a small tipple makes you happy then go for it. It is entirely up to you. Personally speaking I enjoyed my two glasses and so I wouldnt advise against it before transfer. After all, if your IVF is a sucess (and I hope and pray it will be for you) then you are going to be alcohol free for a long time :-) xx

  • I don't see why a glass of wine would do you any harm. The only thing I'd say is, are you on antibiotics? I was put in them after ec to et, and the leaflet did clearly say no alcohol.

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