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IVF in Australia??

Hi All,

Myself and my husband are emigrating to Sydney, Australia in March 2016. We were about to embark on IVF here in the UK, but have obviously had to put our plans on hold, and will continue with them, when we arrive in Australia.

Does anyone know of any differences in the process of IVF in Oz, and the costs and how to register with an IVF clinic in Sydney???

Thank you!

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Hi Abi13. Why not contact "Access" Australia? They are the largest infertility support organisation over there, similar to Infertility Network UK here. They will be able to give you the information you are looking for. Good luck with your emigration and of course any IVF treatment you have. Diane


Hi Diane,

Thanks I will! - Thanks for the info.



Hi. My pleasure! I have met them in the past through work, and found them a friendly bunch. Diane


Always a good start!! :-)


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