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Understanding what one IVF cycle on nhs means

Hello all

I'm just beginning my first IVF/icsi cycle. I'm beyond nervous. I know I'm meant to think positively but I just can't allow myself to dream. Our CCG only allows us one cycle on NHS. I've read up on what that means but I'm still confused. If there are no eggs to collect or they are all damaged, does that count as one cycle? Similarly if there are no embryos to transfer does that count as one cycle?

Thank you for any help. Thank you also to all the ladies who have shared their experiences on here, i have found it a great source of comfort and hope and I really appreciate it.


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Hi there, it only counts as a full cycle of you get to egg collection. If it gets cancelled before egg collection you will still have your NHS free go to try again X


Just to add, in Scotland at least, if you have any extra embryos that can be frozen the transfer of those still counts as part of your first round (unless of course your first fresh transfer if successful).


That's true for my treatment in Canterbury too. As long as you still have frozen embys from your 1st fresh round then it's still your 1st round of treatment 😊 we now have a little girl from our very 1st try... I was very worried and nervous throughout... miracles do happen 😊


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