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Going "frozen" for cool kids

Hey all

Had the egg collection in cycle 2 on Wednesday

8 collected

8 Fertilised

1 not valid as 3 sperm wanted in


Day 2

4 frozen optimal quality

2 frozen intermediate

1 hanging in there not great still in cultivation to see if can freeze :)

Now waiting till January, praying that when defrosted they survive and don't give up, last time we had 16, 15 fertilised, great on day 2 only 4 only day 3 , 2 in one died, one made it to a poor blasto it couldn't be frozen

Am terrified that they don't defrost well or stop working.

Baby dust :)

Prayers welcome

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Why are you waiting until January?

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Hey madcatkady :) last time I had bad ohss so this time when it appeared again they gave me an injection 2 days before the egg collection, it meant I would not be aft risk from ohss which is true, II have period type pain but nothing so bad as last time with 3 weeks if agony, bloating etc. But it again meant a transfer is impossible for 2 periods.

With Christmas coming I don't think they'll transfer so close and also I love Christmas and family time and don't want any stress out disappointment.

I am really in the edge emotionally so need these weeks to recover, gather strength and give my cool kids a great environment to come to. Not an overly anxious ball of stress who cries at everything.

II waited 3 months between cycle one and 2 and my body and mind were grateful.

I'm now praying that God will give me the strength I need and lack at the momentto be able to continue.

Everyone is different and as I've found out from just 2 cycles that the egg collection and recovery can be a world apart too.

What stage after you at


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This is all sounding very positive, Losinghopefast. I have been told that my egg collection may be next Friday. Scan today showed good growth, and it's Day 5 of injections. I will remain positive (though tired) until the very very end. Did that last embryo cultivate properly? And what does an 'intermediate' freeze mean, if you don't mind me asking? I need to be prepared for my next round of questions... ;)

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Hey, good luck with your egg collection :)

Not really sure what intermediate meant, as long as they are not poor I'm happy ;)

I won't find out about the one in cultivation till my appointment on the 24 th November.

But am really happy and lucky to get 6 out of 8

Now concentrating on healing :)

Let me know how it all goes xx big hugs

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All these things we need to learn, eh? Yes, I will. I like that they cultivated that last one for observation. My clinic destroys them after 24 hours. I will be asking about that, as I think a bit of cultivation may [or may not, of course] bring better news. Some embryos are slow developers (or so they say). Today is day 7 of injections. Another scan tomorrow, so let's see. You put your feet up! Xx

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Oh, and well done!

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I'm not the one receiving ivf, its my boss. I'm a nanny to her first child and she has secondary infertility and is trying for a baby with her new partner. She's 7 weeks pg next week and afaik the viability scan was ok.

Having said that, I did do the down reg and stimming a few years back, when I was trying to become an egg donor for a friend. Unfortunately I got very bad OHSS and by the time I'd recovered from it and had an unrelated operation, they decided I couldn't try again, partly due to the OHSS and partly as I was now over their age limit.

In my past life as a nurse, I've worked as a multiple births specialist and most of them were conceived via ivf. In many cases the mums had family or friends going through it, so I got to follow a lot of ladies having ivf

I'm glad I found this group and was allowed to join [another well known group won't let me as I'm not the ivf'er], as I've found lots of answers for some of the questions I have [mostly the maths of dates which has never been my strong point] and lots of support. I also hope that I can give adequate advice to the lovely members of this forum and it is so lovely to see positive results for so many of you.

I have conceived naturally 3 times [middle one was blighted ovum though] and sadly mc both my single pregnancy and my twins. My boss's situation coincided with the anniversary of the loss of my twins and has been very hard for me to handle emotionally, but having this lovely group to come to has certainly helped.

As I said to my husband, I having nothing but admiration for all ladies going through the rollercoaster that is ivf and you are all extremely brave and wonderful women in my eyes.

Good luck xx


What a nice thing to say, and thank you, Madcatlady... :)

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