Need advice!!!!

Hi all

I have had my ET and will be doing the pregnancy test this Saturday but today I have had brownish discharge in the afternoon and now it's a pink/reddish colour I'm also having a lot of cramps. Sorry for if that's to much detail but do I need to worry is this normal im so confused and scared please if someone can tell me if they have experienced anything similar.

Thanks x

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  • Hi hun, until you do your test you won't know.. Some people say it could be implantation spotting.. wait until your test date hun. I know it must be hard. Have you spoken to your clinic? Xx

  • No I haven't spoken to the clinic I feel so upset I don't know what to do.

  • Could you call the maternity emergency room at your hospital? It may be reassuring just to talk to a nurse there and they should take your call now.

  • Hi, I've had my ET and taking a test next Wednesday. The doctor said to me that I could experience some bleeding which is expected. I would call the clinic if you are worried though xxx

  • I had exactly the same, very light bleeding that lasted a couple of days before my test date. I am now 8 weeks pregnant so don't give up hope! Don't test early as it just adds to the stress! Wishing you lots of luck x

  • I'm not bleeding it's dry brownish/pink stains I think that's the best I can describe sorry for to much detail.

    Shall I still do the test on Saturday?

    Also congratulations to you hope you have a healthy pregnancy.

  • Hi NadTee,

    Brown/pinkish spotting is totally normal, I had it right up until about 7 and a half weeks.

    All the best for your test day on Saturday!


  • The midwives consider brown blood to be old blood and less of a concern. If you had bright red blood, large clots and filling a pad quickly, that's when you need to worry. They don't advise tampons for bleeding in pregnancy due to risk of infection, so make sure you only use pads.

    Good luck with the test!

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