Hi I did my pregnancy test on Friday after I'vf and it was positive Iv been spotting but yesterday and today it's more like a period ! Help?

Hi guys did my test on Friday was positive been having brown spotting since Thursday , however yesterday turned into more like a period not having pain went to hospital last night to early to scan so to go back on wed and see if hormone levels are doubling praying they have . Has anyone had heavy bleeding this early like a period and continued with there pregnancy . Really stressing ! Xxx

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  • Hi Poppynco. So sorry to hear that you are having some problems. I believe that you had 2 embryos transferred?? If this is the case, it could be that one has not continued to progress, causing the bleeding. However, it could be that it is “just one of those worrying things” that can happen very early on in pregnancy, and all ends up OK. Just rest when you can, and let’s hope those hormone results are good on Wednesday. Diane

  • Thanks for reply it just feels like a normal period can u have a false positive and the get period ? I'm

    Not in any pain just a dragging would I be in pain if I was miscarrying? Im a wreck x

  • Hi Poppynco. If you were to lose one of your embryos at such an early stage, you wouldn't get any real pain. If you are still getting a positive reading, then you are still pregnant. Might be an idea to have a blood hCG test done to see if it is high enough to sustain your pregnancy, to stop you worrying. Unfortunately, so many pregnancies start off like this, then settle down, so hopefully this will be the case with you. Diane

  • Thanks Iv had bloods last night so getting repeated in 48 hours fingers crossed thanks for replying xx

  • That's great! Have you had your 1st result yet?? Diane

  • It was last night 300 and something but Iv been heavy bleeding since then xx

  • Oh dear! That's a good 1st reading though. Do try and remain hopeful, as I've seen this happen so many times, then continue with good ongoing pregnancies. Do let me know what your next reading is if you can. Diane

  • Hi Diane I got my blood results and they more than doubled 798 so they said that means the pregnancy is continued . The bleeding is less today I still have some pink spotting after using the bathroom . I have to go bk to get the bloods done again on Thursday . But does this all sound hopeful to you ?

    Thank you xxx

  • Hi Poppynco. Oh that is such reassuring news – and yes, it does sound good to me! Goodness knows why this happens so often to lots of you ladies, but in many years of experience, I still wonder why! Fingers crossed for Thursday’s blood test, and do let me know how that one goes if you can. Next reassurance will come with your 6/40wks scan. Just keep resting when you can, as I feel all should soon settle down. Diane

  • Thanks very much xxx

  • I will thanks for you support xx

  • Hi, I had fet and had bfp last Thursday and started to bleed today and I've also been for bloods and go back Thursday for bloods again and get results, we are praying to its such a nervous time. Hope you get the results you want X

  • Hi I got my second blood test today and it had doubled from 369 to 798 so bit happier still got pink spotting when I wipe . Iv to go back again on Thursday to repeat bloods . xxx

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