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Hi everyone

This is my first time on the network. We just had our first fertility appointment with a consultant yesterday. Feeling much more positive now as we have a plan and things are moving forwards. I have pcos and started clomid this morning.

I'm getting a bit frustrated as everyone is trying to be positive and reassure me that lots of people get pregnant with pcos but I haven't met anyone with exactly the same situation which is I have only had one period in 11 months and others have them more frequently than this. The doctor said it's not a common presentation. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Thanks for your help

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Hi Holly111

I had the same issue 5 years ago I would not have periods for 8-9 months and then all of a sudden I started, my period were all over the place. I went to my doctor and he said it was not normal so he put me on metformins and now I have periods every month. When I went for my last scan at the hospital I was told there was no sign of PCOS.


Thanks for the reply NadTee.

I asked them about metformin but they said it wouldn't work for me. I'm not sure why.

So am hoping the clomid sorts me out and I start ovulating. Fingers crossed!


Hi, I have mild PCOS and have irregular periods and didn't ovulate. whilst waiting for IVF I tried acupuncture with a fertility specialist. now I ovulate nearly every other month. its pricey but it gets ur hormones in check 😊


I was just going to say the same as the person above. I have a friend who hadn't had a period for over a year had tried chlomid and metformin. She had one round of acupuncture, had a period and fell naturally! You just never know xxxx


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